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Day 22

I ate two Fritos corn chips last night. Best I have ever had!

This morning I am 252, 21 pounds down from my start of 273.  When I break 250 in a few days, it will be quite a moment.  It's a magical number that represents attaining weights I haven't achieved in years and years.  It is a sign that I'm on a path to better health that will not be derailed.

I have a pact with myself that, once below 250, I will never let myself break that barrier again.  The same is true for 200 when I reach that, because I will.  This is no longer something I "wish" I could do or that I "want" to do.  It's something that I have to do and I'm not allowing any other options.  I really have no choice if I want to have lived a happy and successful life by any account when I reach my eventual end.  It's choose now to live life or to continue to contribute to the causes of my premature death.  No more of that.

I have a doctor's appointment this morning and I expect it to be a very positive experience once she gets over the idea that I've been "not eating" for the last 22 days. Labs will be drawn and my weight and blood pressure will be taken. When the labs come back, there will be no bad news. In fact there will be much better news than I've had in years, I'm confident of that.

Still no real hunger to speak of, and I only eat when I've allowed myself to fantisize for too long about something or had to be around the smells and sights of food for too long. When I DO eat, it is very small amounts of plant food only, with the exception of a handful of tortilla chips I've had on two occasions while eating some chunky guacamole and those 2 corn chips. Still plant food, I know, but highly processed plant food with little nutritional value and a load of salt.

Still caffeine free, artificial sweetener free (except for a stick of gum once), sugar free (except for what's in the fruits and veggies), preservatives and other additives free... In short, if it ain't water or plant nutrients, primarily in the form of juice, it aint going in my body. I'm looking forward to eating some food again, but I'm not focused on that day. I did that before and it caused me to quit 12 days into a 15 day attempt at juicing (my first). This time, my focus isn't going to be celebrating by eating a decadent, unwholesome meal as a "reward." My reward will be eating some good food while keeping to a goal of >50% plant food. Something like a salad with some steak or grilled chicken on it. Something really tasty, but also pretty healthy. I can do that and not feel like I'm plunging back into my old eating habits head first. But all that's for another day in the not-too-distant future.

Quite frankly, I feel superb! 38 More days of this and it's getting easier every day.

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