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Day 25 heading into 26 - The Rancho Commons — LiveJournal
Note to self: no whining, no slacking
Day 25 heading into 26
Weight hasn't really changed this week. I can feel the changes happening in my body, though. My ankles look like they did when I was 25. I don't have all the swelling I was so used to anymore. I feel lighter, which I am, but it's nice to feel that way. I don't "see" it a lot yet, but I know it's going to be very noticeable to anyone who hasn't seen me in a few weeks.

I just started two weeks of vacation. We don't have plans to go anywhere, really, so I've decided to use the time to get some things done around the house and to initiate a much more aggressive exercise effort. I told the boys that the next two weeks were, "Let's see how much weight we can get off of dad weeks." And I told them they are in charge of my exercise for that time. I said, if you tell me to do it, I will do it the best I can. It "officially" starts tomorrow (Sunday, which it already is by 3 hours) but we went for a walk Saturday evening for 1.5 hours and walked 4.7 miles in 80+ degree weather. Not a record setting pace, I know, but I am about 80 pounds over my recommended weight and sedentary, and juicing, and I'll be 50 in a little over a week. So shut it, if you are feeling an urge to be unimpressed.

They want me to try jogging around our block next. That's only a 3rd of a mile, but it's not exactly flat and I am aerobically nowhere near capable of sustained running yet. So, I'll do what I can. That's what I'm doing anyway. 34 more days.

**Edit: I just broke 250: 249.5.  New territory.  I am now passing through the weights I haven't attained for many, many years.  I won't be here long, and I'll never pass this way again.  Ever.**

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