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A Life-Changing Event

This entry will remain private until I have completed this goal.

I have come here many times to talk about my weight, my health and my diet and exercise or lack thereof.  In 4 days I am taking a major, final, desperate, and hopefully, wildly successful step in dealing with this problem.  Since 7/11/2015, I've been on a calorie restricted diet pending my start, in 4 days, of an all liquid diet under medical supervision.

I went to the Wake Forest Baptist Health Weight Management Center in June to get some professional help.  They have me currently on an ~1100 calorie per day meal plan in which I have 3 shakes a day and three small meals (snacks).  I am using Atkins and Muscle Milk shakes per their guidance.  This weekend, however, I will get down to business and start the Opti-Fast program in which I will have 4 shakes and a soup per day for 840 calories total.  This is planned to last for 12 weeks after which time I will begin transitioning back to healthy meals.

For exercise, I started walking on 7/21 and have been walking nearly every day for 30-45 minutes.  As part of my program, I get a 6 month membership to the hospital's fitness center and, in a couple of weeks, a Fitbit device.

I am on my way.  After this is said and done, my target weight is 180 (started at 260, currently just over 250) and I will NOT EVER weigh over 200 pounds again.  I won't allow it.  I am taking the necessary steps to change my lifestyle for good.
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