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Just something to consider...

In China, the communist run schools are used as much for indoctrination of the children as they are for education. In Cuba, the Castro run schools teach children to believe in Fidel, not God. In any of the despot run countries on the globe, the government of that country gains access to the children at the earliest age to indoctrinate them and brainwash them into total compliance and cooperation. The parents are not allowed to set the standards of learning. They are not allowed to determine what values will and will not be imparted to their own children.

Now consider this: Is it possible, or even likely, that our government is no different? If your reaction was immediately negative to that, perhaps they did a better job on you than they did on me.

My view:
Government does not belong in education. "Public" schools are centers of indoctrination in which the children of this country are taught exactly what the government wants them to know and to believe.
Tags: conservativism, freedom, politics, school, wisdom

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