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Full Version

1. Attain weight goal of 175 pounds.
2. Clean spiritual house. Get involved in church.
3. Be aware of the way I speak to those I love and work to improve it.
Be kind, be respectful.
4. Get physically more active and spend less time sitting around.
5. Spend more quality time with my family.
6. Be positive. Utilize positive self talk and encourage myself and others.
7. Stop procrastinating.
8. Make lists of things to accomplish in advance for days off of work.
9. Finish tasks I have begun - before starting other things.
10. Make headway with debts. Actively reduce debt wherever possible.

Light Version

1. Lose weight
2. Get right
3. Speak right
4. Move more
5. Quality time
6. Be positive
7. Stop procrastinating
8. Make lists
9. Complete tasks
10. Reduce debt

Keyword Pocket Version

Lose> Debt & Weight

Cheer> Encourage & Be Positive

Mesh> With God & With Family

Stop & Go> Stop procrastinating & Move more

Start & Finish> Start lists & Complete tasks
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