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Disturbing views from the 9 year old mind

My oldest son is 9 next month. Yesterday we were at school for an awards ceremony. He made the A honor roll and should have received the usual award for this, the much coveted gold medal. Unfortunately, they had decided to switch to frameable certificates instead of medals. He, of course, was upset enough to cry because he has been wanting a gold medal for a year or two now and was finally going to get one. How many kids are going to treasure a certificate they could have printed off themselves? I think they just went with a cheaper alternative. Anyway, standing outside his classroom, I had to take some pictures of the art on the walls when I found out which "gallon man" was his.

Guess which one is his, can you? Oh yeah, the middle one! He "wanted to do something different" and decided to draw an "alien vampire" who is "lunging at his victim." Everyone else drew smiling children.

I can only imagine what the school counselor must think of my son's mental health after seeing this picture! I am cracking up!
Tags: art, evan, humor, kids, school

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