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An e-mail forward from a co-worker touched a nerve...

So I responded.

----- Original Message -----
Sent: Friday, November 07, 2003 8:54
Subject: Fw: Mystic River

> Mystic River, the new movie being released this Wednesday is starring Sean Penn
> and Tim Robbins who have been known to spew hate speech against our current
> President, assaulting his character for doing what he is attempting to do with the
> war on terror, to protect Americans from further attack. Which has been very
> successful so far.
> These 2 liberal actors have sided with Saddam Hussain and Osama Bin Laden
> and against our own country, as demonstrated by Penn's going to Iraq prior
> to the war in protest of our pending attack to remove the terrorist regime of
> Saddam Hussain, saying that we have no right to attack innocent people and that
> it was the Bush administration that is starting this war.
> Let us not forget 9/11/2001. I figure I have no way to let the liberals in
> Hollywood know that they are just actors.... and not representative of mainstream
> America, by myself. But if each one of us route this note to all of your friends
> who support our troops and the administration, and make sure that they do not
> go to this movie. Encourage all you know...... not to go to it. By doing this.....
> these actors won't be able to get a job. Look what it did for Alec Baldwin's
> career! He's a washed up actor that watches his mouth these days.
> We have 2 days until this movie starts. Let the boycot begin. Route this to every
> loyal patriotic person you know and stay away from this movie with these
> anti-American activists. These are 2 very outspoken hate ministers and we can
> make a difference.

Just got this e-mail and felt like responding. First of all, let me say
that I am the last person to support the political philosophies of people
like Sean Penn, Tim Robbins, and Alec Baldwin. I also agree that boycotting
*can be* an effective way to send a message to people who otherwise couldn't
care less what we say. But that is where my support for such sentiment

I support the troops, as I have been one, and understand that they go
where they are sent and do what they do without question. They are loyal to
a government that oft times abuses their purpose. I wonder who is getting
rich off the war with Iraq in our country? You know it is always a good
idea to follow the money. No doubt, Saddam and Osama are despots, but I
question whether it is really our job to attack their countries for that?
And, doesn't it seem odd that we, the mightiest nation on earth, can't sift
out those two despots even with massive rewards on their heads? I smell a
money rat somewhere. Why do we spend billions of dollars getting our
helicopters shot down and our boys killed in that sand trap instead of
spending that money truly making our own borders safe? How about some
immigration restrictions and some real live border patrolling? And why do
they harass people and take away their *fingernail clippers* when you can
easily get a non-metallic knife that will get through any airport? Don't
you wonder why the police can radar us, computer check us, photograph us at
vacant stop lights, demand our papers (license) when we've done nothing
wrong and arrest us for protesting wrong, but they can't stop drug dealers
and prostitutes and pedophiles and terrorists? There is no money to be made
in those things. The government leaches us in so many ways. NO, I do NOT
"support the administration" which has done virtually nothing to alleviate
my struggles to feed my family, clothe and educate my children, etc.
Perhaps if they tax me more so we can spend billions assaulting another
country my attitude will improve, yes?

If we have just cause to attack another nation, as it appears we did in
WWII, then I am all for it. Sign me up. But then, why do we spend millions
or billions repairing the damage of those attacks? IMV, children who grow
up hungry and cold because we killed their parents, though they will hate
us, will respect our power and leave us alone. Places like Iraq will hate
us and disrespect us, too. War is hell, it is not pretty. There is a
reason for that. That is how you keep those victimized children from taking
up arms against us when they are older. Sad but true, fear of superior fire
power is the only thing that protects us from a vicious, barbaric world.

Meanwhile, we are shipping jobs out of our own country faster than we
can fill them in places like China, where they use prison laborers to
assemble products for free, while we pay unionized workers inflated salaries
and are regulated to near death by out-of-control government agencies who
choke the competitive edge out of US corporations. The constant hunt for a
less expensive product has crippled the American economy because US
businesses can't pay all the insurance, conform to all the regulations, hire
all the attorneys, pay all the fat workers, purchase all the safety
equipment, and still build a cheaper desk fan than the Chinese. And the
American worker, taxed to the straining point, can't afford the more
expensive US built fan if they want to. The quality of US products has
always been superior until recent years, when financial burdens on
corporations have forced them to produce the same inferior products we
import from places like China and Mexico, just to stay in business. The
founding fathers of this nation warned us against keeping alliances with
foreign powers, and told us only to do so if it was to our advantage. Have
you heard the term "trade deficit" before? That is the amount of money, in
billions of dollars, that we spend buying foreign products, while they import
a small pittance of US products. How is this to our advantage? It isn't.
The money rats in Washington are the only beneficiaries and they wine and
dine to the death of us all.

I know you are probably taken aback at my response to what was seemingly
an innocent e-mail. Sorry for that. But, I think this e-mail illustrates
what is wrong with us all here in this once great country. We are all yoked
together, grinding along, complaining and paying our taxes. Though there
isn't very much complaining really. We are cattle in line to be slaughtered
on the floor of the Senate, in the House, in the Oval Office, and we do
complain. We complain NOT about the outrageous tax burden we endure so
that education administration buildings can be outfitted with the finest
marble and masonry, so that courtrooms down to the CITIES can be furnished
with the finest carvings and paneling. We complain NOT about the
extraordinarily posh lifestyles our government's elected and appointed
officials provide for themselves while denying these things to us, THE
PEOPLE. We complain that we should organize and boycott a movie because
some of the actors said something about that government that was negative.
You know, I don't get it. Are we making a difference? I know, I'm supposed
to shut up and pull the yoke.

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