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Evan's bookmark won an award!

We went to the public library main branch today because Evan entered a bookmark contest through his school and his was one of 66 out of 3000+ entries selected! Cool! He was one of only two students picked from his school. Some schools didn't even have any winners. He was fortunate, but he made a pretty good bookmark for a third grader too!

They had pizza and cake and they put a transparency of each bookmark up while that child received their award. All-in-all, it was brief enough to be tolerable for us, and very encouraging to him. His "media teacher," what we used to call a "school librarian," brought him from school and attended as well. Very nice!

They had laminated copies of all the bookmarks on one wall like an art exhibit and had enough copies of the bookmarks for each child's entire school! The librarian said that since she made the announcement about the winners in a morning assembly, kids have been asking for the bookmarks. Evan may become a celebrity for a week or so, which he already believes he is.
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