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Geek at the cool table, cool at the geek table.

What am I doing here?

I kind of like my quiet little corner of LJ. I mean, it would be nice to have comments on everything I post, though I do get a few (thanks Sis!). So I considered doing an add_me entry just to get some exposure and maybe find some like-minded people with interesting journals. Scary. Okay, I like my quiet little corner a LOT.

Typical entry:
Hi! I'm ditzyblonde. I'm 18 or less, think life is about drugs, obscure bands, depression and witchcraft. I belong to mostly vanity communities, and oh, I'm bisexual, too! (Seinfeld: NOT that there's anything wrong with that - HA) I have seen virtually none of the real world outside of the posh life my parents provide me so I THINK I have problems. I am sooooo bored and I have nooooo friends and I pooooost lots of comments and loooook at how cute I am. Add me and I'll add you!

(Gurk, gurk, HAIRBALL!!)

If I ever start a community here it will be Stable>20 or something like that. Ha! Listen to how old I sound! (Old man voice) "Whippersnappers!" heh. I have clicked on the Random button AT LEAST 50 times, probably closer to 100, and IF I get a journal in English, aaaand it isn't "friends only", I am repeatedly stunned at the lack of content. I'm not a picky reader here, folks, but HELLO? are you seriously pretending to be a character from a book/movie??? (Hick voice) "This hyere's the future of Amerrca folks!" (shudder)

In fairness, I found 2 journals (3 counting my sister's) that held my interest for awhile, though neither of them were people I would invite over for dinner. And that's okay, I like reading what people different from me have written. I'm still thinking of posting in add_me. Something like: Married guy, probably older than you and considered boring by most here, striving to achieve, to better myself as a human, hoping to love my wife and sons better, etc. And then, at the bottom I would add, "If you have read this far, and you don't HATE me, you should add me." My only fear is that I would get no responses at all. If enough people went "Psshhhh!" and clicked their mouse at the same time, I wonder if I could hear it?

Ha Haaaaaaaaaa! The joke is on them when they get 10 more years on them and realize that they all non-conformed to look exactly the same, then gave up that look when they decided to move on with their lives, and now they look like me! Ha. Though seriously, are there any forty year old "goth" types? I live in a relatively goth-impaired city. You have to go to the mall or the School of the Arts to see the people who get their hair color and their clothes mixed up. It is funny to me now that you don't realize you are aging till you reach about 30 and you suddenly realize that you don't look like a junior in high school anymore, you just dress that way. IF by chance you ARE over 20, and you happened in here amongst the cobwebs, read that previous sentence again. Have you changed your wardrobe yet? Because if not, the kids AND the grown-ups are laughing at you!
Tags: getting old, lj

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