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First interview at FMC

I went for an interview at "the other" hospital in town this morning. I applied for the "Supplemental ICU Pool" or ICU float pool to do PRN (as needed) work. Basically I want to work over there about one day a week for a little extra bill paying money, now that Allie isn't working outside the home anymore. The interview went well, I think. I was totally relaxed and at ease. That was the first job interview in my life where I didn't have to "worry" about whether I got the job or not. Plus, my qualifications (read: experience) are probably considered better than average. It is a nice feeling to have when you go for a job interview. I hope to be able to feel that relaxed from now on!

Now, Allie and I both have doctor's appointments this morning. Mostly, a check-up for me (cholesterol, weight, labs, etc.) and a diabetic visit for her where she will actually be in compliance for the first time in awhile! So, hopefully her visit will go well, too!
Tags: work

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