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We did something foolish yesterday, well, more foolish than usual. On December 22, we went to the local shopping mall which is rather large. It is surrounded by over 7800 parking spaces and nearly all of them were full. You can picture the shopping carnage that was taking place, I'm sure. But, we ate at TGI Friday's, which was really good, and shopped for a couple of hours. All-in-all, it wasn't nearly as horrid as I imagined it would be. The traffic was absolute gridlock, coming and going, however. When we went to leave, we literally sat in the parking space for 10-15 minutes waiting for an opportunity to back out. The traffic behind us was not moving at all!

But, next year (have you ever said this to yourself?) we are going to do much better! Actually, we usually do a lot better than this, but we had some financial sluggishness the latter part of this year that prevented my wife, Allie, aka one of the top ten shopping wives of America, from getting it all done earlier.

We all survived the ordeal. We are true American, capitalist, shoppers extraordinaire. And proud of it, by God!
Tags: family, holidays

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