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Some lessons last a lifetime

Supper tonight was at a Golden Corral. We all eat well at buffets and they are cheap, so it was a win-win. Just before leaving a group of Asian people come sit behind us. The guys are looking at them curiously. Evan says, "Dad, how come people from China and Japan all look the same and look so different from us?" Being the father I am, and seeing what a great lesson in diversity and acceptance I can teach here, I explained it to them. "Well, as you know, people from China and Japan are from the other side of the world from us. Over there it is very windy all the time, and it makes their eyes do like this." (Pulling corners of eyes to make them look Asian.) Of course, I tell them I'm just kidding as we are getting up to leave, but not before I see Josh (who is facing them) doing the same thing with his eyes.

Ahhh, I haven't been so proud of myself since I bought them those whoopie cushions. FWIW, I think we stopped Josh before anyone else saw him so as not to offend anyone. When I got to the car, we discussed the real facts about the different races, etc. Lesson completed.
Tags: humor, josh, parenting

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