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Re: 2004 Resolutions

I think I learned a lot about myself this year, including more about my flaws and weaknesses. Most notably earmarked for improvement, I tend to go all out or do nothing. Most often the former results in frustration leading to the latter. So, nearly everything I undertake results, eventually, in doing nothing. I've chewed on this a lot. There is a solution.

The Solution:

The simple answer is (apologies for my frequent use of this word) moderation.

The complex answer is continuing moderation.

The bottom line: I must approach all goals by getting off my butt, first!

The challenge: To do this in 2004

The resolutions:

1. Make written lists of manageable short term goals/plans.

2. Make written lists of manageable long term goals/plans.

3. Initiate the steps necessary to attain/complete the goals/plans, and use moderation to keep stepping.

-This means when I get off track: realize it, locate the track, navigate to it, and get back on the track.
-Repeat this process until the goal/plan is attained/completed.

Written lists to follow.
Tags: all or nothing, moderation, resolutions

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