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Either I feel better because I accomplished something, or I'm too… - The Rancho Commons — LiveJournal
Note to self: no whining, no slacking
Either I feel better because I accomplished something, or I'm too tired to give a crap anymore. Let's see, I washed the front porch area from top to bottom, and cleaned all the junk off of it. I adjusted my table I got at an auction so that it is usable. And I trimmed the trees in the front yard so you can walk under them easily now. This has taken me hours and I am wiped out.

I was wrong, Allie brought the boys directly back from school, partly due to E's poor behavior. She stopped to grab some burgers for lunch but I had already eaten. She helped me some with the porch and washed down the cement in the back yard. Tonight we post auctions! We currently don't have any running for the second time since we began on May 1st. We need to keep auctions going because that is probably going to be our primary source for our secondary income. That is, Allie may not work anymore as a nurse if we attain a level of success with the auctions. If you go to eBay, check her out. She's mygyzmom and she sells boys clothing. She's picky, the clothes are nice.

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