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Evan's drawing of us...

So, Evan, my 9 year old, came into our computer room, "the office," and asked if he could erase this small dry-erase board we have on the filing cabinet. It had this picture of some bats he had drawn on there for me probably 2 or 3 years ago, and I kept it up to show him I valued it. I guessed that he was ready to draw a better picture so I said, "Sure, but it may be hard to get clean after so long." I gave him a paper towel with Windex on it and he set about cleaning it. As I expected he then wanted to know what he could draw on it with, so I told him which markers to use. This is the result.

As you might have noticed, it is similar to my icon of my Dad and me when I was a child. My icon symbolizes all the hope and love I have for my father but it is a sad representation of our relationship. I have never had the relationship with my father that is suggested by that picture. I know that I never will. But, it also reminds me of my responsibilities in life, including what kind of father I choose to be for my sons. It means more than the world to me that Evan chose to depict us in this way. I think he feels, as my son, the way I always wanted to feel with my father. At least, that is my hope. This is my reminder. This is my wake up call. This is my reward. This is my responsibility. I aspire to this.
Tags: evan, parenting

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