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Slow night at work = additional life changes?

An idle mind is the devil's workshop. Or, it is maybe an opportunity to make important decisions?

Okay. Last night I was not-so-busy at work. I had time to slip out of the unit every couple of hours and, for some reason, I had ENERGY! (Jim, should I trademark this?) I decided tonight was as good a night as any to hit the stairs. I only did 5 floors at a time because any more than that and I would probably have to resort to using my hands and crawling the steps! It's 20 steps per flight, however, so that's 100 steps each time. I did 400 steps last night! I was going to do another 100, but I was getting shaky legged, and decided I should avoid crippling myself too badly, since I'm working again tonight and all. I plan to try to keep doing this each night I work to keep my metabolism shifted to a slightly higher gear. As soon as the weather gets consistently above about 50 degrees out, I plan to also start my near daily hour long walks.

I'm really getting excited because the weight is coming off without any effort, and even without exercise. So, with exercise, it's going to be dripping off me like lamp oil (eeeewwww!) It's great to be in this place: diet --> weight loss --> increased hope and enthusiasm --> increased effort --> more significant results, and so on. I must have a tendency to be bipolar or something because I feel so energized I want to skip sleep and, now how is it you say that? Uh... Accomplish things! ...and stuff. I remember what it was like to be a physical monster able to exercise almost indefinitely without fatigue. I'm starting to fantasize about reaching that point again. Now, it's real early and I'm at least a year, or more likely two, away from that. Oh, and there's that "whole lot older" curse to contend with. But older and in great shape sure beats where I've been for so long. Ha! It's been years (literally) since I had this much fire in my belly! This day has been long in coming. And, I'm surprised at how it blindsided me. Today is the day that I put it out there for myself and everyone who knows me. Here goes...

I am in this till I decide the goal has been met. I am not quitting. I am not looking back.

I am ready!

Yeeeeaah! (Pats self on back and hits the showers. Must sleep for another night of work, after all) ;-)
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