Geek at the cool table, cool at the geek table. (aspiring2live) wrote,
Geek at the cool table, cool at the geek table.

This is totally not funny. No really.

Allie just called me from the cell to tell me when she and the boys get home, she wants me to spank both of them for their horrendous behaviour. Okay. I can handle that. After I hung up, I walked over to the microwave cart to get a dish towel to dry something. On the way by the gerbil "habitat" (aquarium), I see one of the gerbils watching me, so I offhandedlly (and without really thinking about it), flip the towel and lightly pop the side of the aquarium. She jumps six inches straight up and then runs into their sleeping "hut." I have been laughing so hard that I'm crying for the last 5 minutes! I know it isn't really funny, and I don't know why I can't stop laughing. I'm having to pause as I type this to wipe the tears. But, the worst part is I have to try to be the bad guy in a minute and I don't know if I can block that "jumping gerbil" image long enough to do it!

:-/ Bwaaahahahahhaha!
Tags: humor

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