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Not that I have nothing to say...

But, I've been busy. I want to sit and write for hours and just post it all, but I've been doing real life stuff instead. Right now, my sense of urgency to complete tasks has overridden my sense of urgency to write and/or post. To translate: I am taking advantage of the fact that it is warmer weather (Yay!) and that I have ENERGY!!! (That multicolor thing seemed like such a good idea but, ugh)

Staccato updates follow.

So, the work in the wash room continues. Installing cabinets and taking before/after pics. Maybe I'll show ya later, after I paint.

Got the ball rolling (finally) on the prn job at the "other" hospital. I should be working extra shifts, probably starting next week. "Extra" money, so I'm told, though I've never seen any. We are so saddled with credit card debt (because we were idiots, and we have no capacity for delayed gratification) that it cripples us. If I could vanish all our revolving credit debt, we would be living like royals on just my current salary. Well, maybe more like normal people, but we could actually take vacations, and go see things, and stuff. Where we could use our credit card and... or NOT!

Evan's project on Calvin Coolidge is done. We now all know waaay too much about one of the most boring Presidents this country's ever seen. Ugh. The teacher said not to stress over it because it was supposed to be "fun." What kind of eraserhead thinks studying and writing a paper about Coolidge would be fun? Gah.

Went to the doc yesterday for checkup. I was lighter than last visit and my labs were better. All good. My cholesterol was 188 total and all the other numbers (LDL, HDL, triglycerides) are moving in the right direction. I'm sure the Lipitor I've been on for the last two months is mostly responsible, (My previous total chol. was 274!) but I'm convinced my change of eating habits has contributed significantly as well.

Oop. Time's up. Gotta go post some kiddy clothing auctions with Allie. (More "extra" money, ha!)

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