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Day 2

Well, it took me about 24 hours of hacking and searching and hacking some more to get my new journal set to some colors that are both visible to the human eye and do NOT cause seizures! Whew! I've typed at least 6 months worth of journal entries all in HTML color codes. Ah, but now I LIKE it.

Recently, I have had a change in my work schedule which is definitely for the better. Okay, I gave up my weekends, yep, EVERY weekend, but I have no life anyway so that didn't really matter. So, I work 12 hour nights from 7pm to 7am every Friday and Saturday night. Then, I work a 12 hour night every other Tuesday night. IOW, I work 5 nights (60 hours) in a two week span and get paid for 80 hours. KILLER! This has totally changed my outlook on life for the better. I now feel as if my life is what I DO, and oh yeah, I have to work a couple of nights a week.

Now, the temptation is to take ALL that extra time off I just acquired and invest it in MEMEME! But I know that will lead to depression and feelings of worthlessness so I'm gonna do better than that. I am going to make lists! YES! More than that, I'm going to aspire to accomplish what is on those lists. NOW I have time for exercise, housework (mostly outside stuff and help the boss with her stuff now and then), hobbies, home improvement (not the TV show) and a little quiet time. My hope is also that I can stay awake through church on Sundays after working Saturday night, when I start going to church again, that is. The congregation will probably soon know me as the guy that nods off every Sunday morning. But, they will know me as the guy who could have stayed home and slept but is trying to do better than that, too.

Gotta go, List time.
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