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Friday the 13th

I'm not really superstitious so I don't put much stock in this day being unlucky, knock on wood. I slept through most of it and went in to work at 1830.

I had a fairly easy assignment with low maintenance patients, my "neighbor" (the nurse with the two patients next to mine) however, had an ugly assignment. She had the 17 year old girl who was driving with her boyfriend and wrecked. He walked away from it, she got smacked so hard in the head she probably won't survive. They put a bolt, used for measuring intracranial pressure, in her head and an intraventricular drain. The drain allows the swelling in the head, which can't go anywhere good because of the inflexible skull, to compress the ventricles, or open areas of spinal fluid within the brain. They did a CT scan this morning which showed ventricles compressed to near closure. This means her brain will probably continue to swell until her brain stem herniates through the hole in the bottom of her skull (called the foramen magnum). Her other bed was an admission of the type we typically see in the Trauma ICU. The tattoo guy riding his dirtbike, ran into his sister-in-laws car and broke some ribs and got a bunch of cuts and abrasions. Now, that may not sound too bad, but I have learned that rib fractures are VERY serious indeed. In fact, even if you are in pretty good health, if you break more than a couple of ribs, you are going to be staring death in the face unless you are lucky. More on the job later, since the 13th is over and *I* didn't suffer any personal tribulations.
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