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I despise waiting for ANYthing!

So, we got new cell phone service last week through my work; discount, new phones, 2 year contract, all that. Because they were running a big promo, they didn't have the phones on hand so that they could program them and give them to you on the spot like they would at the store. They told us we would have them by today, so I'm sitting here waiting for the delivery. Argh. You must understand that I am, in essence, a frustrated techie, in that the only real tech item I have is this screamin' Dell desktop. Our old cell phone is one of the Motorola flip phones. Embarrasing. I don't have a PDA, a laptop, an iPod or other mp3 player, a plasma screen or HD TV, etc., etc. I have a wife, two young sons, and a mortgage, so I'm not whining about the losses here. But the new phones are a much anticipated upgrade. Where are they?

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