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This is the sound of a life going faster than it was designed for...

Wow. Kayden [translation: okay then], rundown of last few days. I worked my first 7p-7a shift at the "other" hospital Wednesday night. Thursday at 1100, after about an hour and a half nap, I went with my sister to grab a new cell phone for her. Seems it's cheaper to pay that bill than to purchase phone cards and call on the land line, who knew? Then, I went with Allie to pick up Evan at school, to Lowe's to buy a new dog pen, then we ate and came home.

Deep breath.

When it was nearly dark, we set up my halogen work light and began assembly on the pen because we needed a place for her to put them outside while I was gone for the weekend. It is a 6 foot high, 7.5x13 foot chain-link enclosure. Fortunately, it is mostly shrouded from view by a large spruce tree, but it is still a pretty redneck thing to have in your front yard. It's temporary, deal. So, about 12:30 or 1:00 am, I go to bed. I've been up since noon the previous day except for the 1.5 hour nap. I get up at 7am, because I am going "camping" (more later) and haven't packed, nor even selected what to pack yet, and we are due to leave at 9:30am.

Allie took Evan to school and picked up some stuff at the grocery store for my trip. My camping partners showed up at 9:06 as they usually do, because they have an insatiable need to harass me for not being ready even though I have e-mail proof that the arrival time is always scheduled, by them, for 9:30am. This is an expected part of the annual event. I grab all my gear and we head off to a full day of cooking, eating, mild hiking, talking (a lot!), cooking, eating, talking, you get the idea. See, we are all in our 30's to 50's and we have learned that we can drive, hike, set up camp (with difficulty), probably get rained on, and generally endure a two day trip which is at least as much misery as it is fun, and it will leave us with a few fond memories. OR, we can drive a short stint to a nearby ranch of a friend, stay in an outdoor shelter with a huge firepit, tables, plenty of comfy furniture, a creek nearby for ambiance, nice places (with mattresses!) to set up our sleeping bags, and almost no need to set up. And when we go here, it is a 20 foot walk from our vehicle, takes about 30 minutes till we are unloaded and cooking brunch (disgusting isn't it?) and sitting around talking and having a great time hanging out together. The misery factor is nearly eliminated and we come away much more relaxed and with many more fond memories for the time invested. Our wives and children benefit almost as much as we do, I think.

Now, lest you think my life is all gravy, I have to tell you that I didn't sleep very well at all, and if you will also remember, I was running waaay shy on rest before I ever left. So, today it has been an effort to breathe. Maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration. Today, it has been an effort to remain sitting at the box for more than 2 hours at a time would probably be more accurate. (Shhhh)

Life, however, is generally very good. Tomorrow, with even more rest, I expect to be back up to speed. And I don't have to work again till Friday! Though, I'll probably squeeze in another day at the "other" place for the extra fundage. Woohoo!

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