Geek at the cool table, cool at the geek table. (aspiring2live) wrote,
Geek at the cool table, cool at the geek table.

Random Thoughts after last night's "Spring Forward"

I worked my two twelves and I'm going to do a 7-11 tonight because they are short and I will be duly compensated. Yeehaaaa. Do you ever look at your desk, at your books and other things and say, "Why on earth am I wasting time browsing LJ?" Is it just me? I've got a couple of things to write, soon, but they are mulling... murky emotional things only darkly formed and threatening in my mind. I don't want to acknowledge things like this, but I have to deal and one thing I know is dealing isn't ignoring till it goes away! Though, if that was possible, I would have perfected it by now.

Those of you who have co-workers who read your LJ, did you tell them or did they find out another way? And, if you could choose how it is, would you prefer they know or not? Just curious.

Still waiting for people to spontaneously form a line to befriend me, hasn't happened just yet. Cell phones weren't meant to see this little use, I need to blow the trash out of the carb so it doesn't get sluggish. If you followed that you are sad. I haven't had sleep, what's your excuse?

Get help if you need it. Don't spend years muddling through things when professional help can get you moving in the right direction quickly. You know who you are. (Imagining everyone who reads this pointing to themselves... "Me?")

(Pointing to myself, "Me?")


Have I mentioned lately that my wife is The BEST? Well, she is. And, her new perm looks awesome!

I hate feeling like there are so many things I can't put in my journal. Does anyone else feel that way? I know, that's what private entries are for. That's not what I mean. More later when coherent thought returns (very hopeful statement) on this subject perhaps. It's in there with those dark, mulling things.


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