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The Rancho Commons
Note to self: no whining, no slacking
We all have our own hands but we come from different moms...
And with that lyric, you can clearly see how profitable my day has been thus far. I am sooo slack, lame, lazy. It is really almost a privelege than I can be. Most people are at work and about to take lunch. I've been surfing the 'net, playing games, reading LJ, listening to tunes, playing with the puppies. Wonderful happy lazy life.

Oh, but there is the small matter of hundreds of things, literally, that need to be done around here, and that I am in charge of doing. I see that part of the problem is that Allie and I stay on different schedules, partly due to me working nights and her having to be up in the day with the boys, etc. But one of us is frequently asleep, allowing the other to use the "quiet excuse" to do nothing, or what we want to do instead of what needs to be done.

Yes, my life is so good, I'm actually complaining about getting to do what I want so much. Poor me, right? Well, the point is, if I can't be trusted to do the things I should be doing, how am I ever going to teach my sons anything? If I don't accomplish what needs to be done around here (the things my wife can't do) who will? If I sit here and do what I want all the time, I will feel like crap and I know this. Old news.

Half the day gone, enjoyed it. Now I'm going to do... something. Something akin to work, maybe. Heh, maybe I will even put forth effort and accomplish something. Move over Tony Robbins, I'm gettin' all self-helpy ovah heah.

Shutting up.

*Edit* Ooorrr, I could take a nap! PLAAAAANNNN. (Okay, I only have one day off and I haven't had enough sleep.)

Shutting up again.

Current Music: "These Are The Daves I Know" by Bruce McCullough

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