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I just coined this word. It means having the audacity to be commonplace. I think that is my life in many respects. I'm not into frills for the sake of appearing "special" or "individual." I'm mostly happy with what I have so why strive for "appearances"? I always tell people something I heard a long time ago from some anonymous source I no longer remember: I'm built for comfort, not for speed. Usually I'm referring, in a self-deprecating way, to my weight. But it fits my life in general, too. I'm not about the newest, or trendiest, or most. I like quality, and I'm willing to pay extra for it.

I'd rather have something 50 years old that works like the day it was made than have the same thing, new and cheap, that won't last for a year. I'm looking at my ancient Kenmore oscillating tabletop fan as I write this. I got it in a big box of stuff for $5 from an estate auction a couple of years ago. It is all metal except for two metal-reinforced plastic pieces. It was probably made in the fifties and it works like it is brand new. That America is dying with the WWII veterans, or maybe even died with their parents, God rest their souls. Trendy, flashy, fast, fake, plastic molded, cheap, Chinese, throw away... trash. That is what the consumer today has to choose from. The downside to free market capitalism, it seems to me, is that quality is always compromised in order to compete for the lowest price, because that is what we buy. If this fan was on the shelf at Wal-Mart, it would probably cost $75 dollars or more. I bet it weighs ten pounds! Next to it, would set the latest Holmes or Windmere plastic piece of crap straight off the boat from China for, say, $9.87? Yet, the "expensive" fan would be something your kids could take from your house after you died. Doesn't that count for something? Apparently not.

I have had a thought for a couple of years now, coinciding with the time I got this fan, you'll notice. What if someone started making very high quality products, such as this fan, knowing they were going to be more expensive, but marketing them to people that are interested in quality. Would some people pay more money for superior products when they could get something "comparable" for much less money? I don't know. Ask Mercedes. Oh, and notice that isn't an American company. We don't have the mundacity to strive for quality any more.

Note to self: Should you ever come into wealth, start a company called TopLine Products, or some such, for just this purpose. All American, All about uncompromised quality. I have the mundacity to do that.

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