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Evan's MAT scores...

I'm on my lunch break at work, so this is a quickie.

I got some really good news this afternoon right before leaving for work. Evan's Metropolitan Achievement Test (MAT) scores are in. He did very well. These are the percentile rankings. Look!

Total Reading - 99%
Total Mathematics - 98%
Language - 83%
Spelling - 99%
Science - 99%
Social Studies - 92%

Basic Battery - 97%
Complete Battery - 97%

I am really excited about this and proud of him! I want to say, "Go get em, tiger!"

I am really scared about this. I want to say, "Whoa, slow down a tad, son!"

Of course, I would never choose the latter, and even if I did, it wouldn't work. He learns the things he wants to learn, when he wants to learn them. But, I really am starting to feel like he's wasting his time at school. Not that I want to home school him or send him into some accelerated program where he graduates high school several years early. I don't think it's beneficial to children to be in classes with much older kids. But, seriously, I believe he could attend school half the time and still make straight A's. Every other day, or half days or something. In other words, if we did home school him, where it is one-on-one, I'm confident we could accomplish in two to three hours of learning what they do in seven.

But then, that means we, the parents, have to make his education a part of our every day responsibilities. Is it wrong to say we don't savor that thought? I'm not sure what to do because it feels wrong to leave him in classes where he is not very well challenged. He makes all A's except for this last quarter, his conduct grade is 0.97% below an A. I think he's so bored he's getting twitchy! I always tell him that the most important grade is the one for behavior. He gets disciplined at home regularly for acts of defiance, disrespect, or disobedience here and at school. So, he acts up because he can't stand to be still and quiet any longer. That's what I think.

So. More later on other topics. I have to be getting back to work, but I just needed to post these awesome scores!

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