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Hurray for Lance Armstrong - Legendary Sports Icon

WooHoooo! Lance did it again! I worked last night, but I had to stay up today and watch the procession into Paris to finish the Tour de France. Lance Armstrong became the only man in its 91 year history to win it six times. And, he won it six consecutive times. His nearest competitor was 6:19 (yes, that's over six minutes!) slower than he was in the overall time. His feat is virtually unparalled in the entire athletic world, in my opinion. Wow.

If you haven't seen the ninety second version of his "Magnet" commercial for Nike, you should watch for it. You can view it online here, but it's best viewed on TV. It touches me because he shows kids in a hospital cheering him on, and because of the way the commercial ends. What can I say, I have a soft spot for kids.


I'm nearly done gushing. Please realize, this is one of only two or three sporting events I give any attention to at all. I like to watch the Superbowl, and the Tour. I've always had an attraction to bicycling since seeing the move "Breaking Away" when I was a kid. So, for all the celebrity worshipping and sports obsessing I don't engage in, allow me this simple entry; a tribute, as it were, to a man I couldn't admire much more for what he accomplished over the last 22 days.

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