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Today is a Recovery Day...

Yesterday: 12:30pm-8:30pm at Carowinds.

Wow. We had a GREAT time yesterday at Carowinds. It was hot, yes, and we all got a mild sunburn, yes. Fortunately, Allie and I made efforts to shade the boys whenever possible so we took the brunt of the sun. Water was $3.00 a bottle, as were bottled soft drinks (sodas, cokes, pops - fill in your vernacular here). But we went at a great time. The lines were minimal on nearly every ride! It was unbelievably uncrowded. We got to ride a lot of the rides.

If we had gone before this year, Josh would have been too small to ride almost anything, and Evan would not have been big enough to ride the really BIG rides. As it was, our timing was perfect, as Josh just clears the 44" cut-off, and Evan just clears the 54" cut-off. Of course, Josh was a tad upset about not getting to ride the BIG attractions, but we minimized this by splitting up. Allie is more prone to motion sickness, so I took Evan on the whomping coasters that twist, go upside down, etc. While we did that, she and Josh would go ride a "kiddie ride" which would still be major fun, even for us as adults, but would be less "stressful." It cracked me up a few times when we all rode stuff together to hear Josh screaming a blood-curdling scream of fear, and to look back and see true horror on his nearly five-year-old face, only to have him want to ride again when we got off!

Allie and Evan preparing to be lifted 160 feet up, then be dropped! It feels much worse than the description!

Joshua and me about to ride the Scream Weaver, which got us both nauseated.

Allie and Josh just finishing up the Goldrusher 'coaster ride.

Josh on the Carousel...

And Evan...

Allie, Josh (obscured to her left) and Evan (in front of her) in a Runaway Reptar 'coaster action shot.

Evan, Allie, and Josh, and Sponge Bob Square Pants, of course, at the end of a very long day!

We got a few good pics, but next time, more like next year or so, I plan to take my less fancy camera so I can risk some pictures actually on some of the coasters. Like, holding the camera up over my head and taking pictures of Allie and Josh/Evan in the seats behind me. That would make for some cool shots, I think.

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