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"Don't forget we have a very special Student Awards Assembly on… - The Rancho Commons — LiveJournal
Note to self: no whining, no slacking
"Don't forget we have a very special Student Awards Assembly on Friday, August 27th at 8:15am in the gym. We mailed invitations to all students who met the criteria from last year. We have invited the news media to cover the assembly. We hope you can join us. We want to take every opportunity to celebrate your children's successes."

We have no clue what this is about, but we are looking forward to it. Evan has done so well academically I expect it will be something for academic achievement, but he's only in the fourth grade, so I don't know if they normally "honor" fourth graders for their academic achievements. If they congratulate him on five consecutive years in the same charter school, I'm going to hurt someone! He will get a real boost to his self esteem if he is recognized in front of the school for his good grades, as he has worked hard and is proud of them.
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aspiring2live From: aspiring2live Date: August 31st, 2004 09:46 am (UTC) (Link)
I got a good laugh out of this comment, David. And yes, we all made it up Mount Awesome that day! I'm putting together a short update to this entry for today.
2 aspirations -{}- aspire with me