Geek at the cool table, cool at the geek table. (aspiring2live) wrote,
Geek at the cool table, cool at the geek table.

What shall we use to fill the empty spaces...

Wow. So. Very. Tired. Much to write about, especially some things about work. I will write later, after having slept.

Allie and the boys went to Kannapolis yesterday for a night so Allie could scrapbook with some friends. They will be home this afternoon. Best not to leave Bruce to his own devices for long, apparently. So, I can't really enjoy my free-and-clear me time because a) I'm too tired and must sleep, and b) when I wake up it will be time to be husband/dad again. So. Yeah.

But, it isn't always about me, or so I'm told, so I am glad they are all having fun and I look forward to seeing them this evening. In the meantime, sleepage is in order. Then, perhaps, the tale of the blind cat and the man without a face.

Oh, and... ding dong the rats are dead. We recently got rid of our dog with the bowel disorder who was producing prime rat pudding, so I poisoned all the rats in the back yard again. It stinketh to high heaven in parts of the yard, but I have only seen one sole survivor thus far, and he's going to get some poison nummies this week!

gymbrall, be not discouraged friend, I liked and will respond after said alleged rest. V-dub, tough it out, like you are trying to do. MountZoomar, thank yous flying out tonight as per awesome directive. schmimi, what can I tell ya that you don't know? Rest is an important weapon, yes weapon, we use against the world and all its cruelties. Rest always improves one's perspective, so I hope you get some soon. Mike, I bet the yard is going to be gorgeous, but you are going to be whooped for the holiday! Goodbye to kenopolis. I never really knew you, but you seemed like a decent guy. Good vibes and vanilla scented candles to Sophia.

And come back soon brknconfidents, I miss you in too many places.

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