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Geek at the cool table, cool at the geek table.

Good morning! Ugh.

Okay, so I'm not a morning person, except when I have worked the night before and come home not overly fatigued. It happens. Today is like that. I feel like I could stay up for several more hours, but I can't because I am working another 12 tonight. I made a deal to work Sunday night also, instead of next Saturday night, because they are in the same pay week and Sunday was short and Saturday wasn't. So, I'm doing 3 nights in a row (which can be quite rough sometimes) then I have I have 3 off, then work 2 more nights, then have 3 more off. Life isn't bad at all. As we used to say all the time in the Corps, "All this and a paycheck too, what more could a man want?" </sarcasm>

We keep ending up faced with homeschooling as the best option for Evan, and probably Josh too, later on. Evan is really advancing at an accelerated rate and we are very pleased with that, but he isn't emotionally or physically mature enough to advance a grade, though he easily could academically. I don't want him to be an intellectual freak attending college at 13 years old or something like that. But, the teacher simply can't focus on keeping him engaged in a curriculum that is intended to teach the "average" fourth grader. I don't blame "the system" because it is designed to teach the masses. However, as his parents, Allie and I are both faced with the fact that we can focus solely on his learning needs, and we could teach him what he needs to know in probably 3 hours a day. We hesitate because it is a huge responsibility, and because we dread the undertaking. It seems inevitable at times, however, and like an idea whose time will come. Of course, the main challenge with homeschooling will be keeping him engaged with peers through sources like an active church life and extra-curricular activities, like YMCA programs for sports, etc. I know we can do this, but I'm not quite positive yet that we definitely should. We are in a good place for it though, because North Carolina is in the top five states for homeschooling support and resources. Last I heard it was second only to California, but it might have slipped a couple since I heard that, I don't know. I think it is May that they have a big homeschoolers "convention" here where you can browse and purchase curricula, join organizations, and get in touch with other parents and support groups. We will probably go this next May. We've put it off for the last two years.

Must sleep now. I've just been surfing for the last 30 minutes or so at Triumph the Comic Insult Dogs website where they have several clips you can watch. He's crude, but he cracks me up! He has a nice web site... FOR ME TO POOP ON! Ha!

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