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The Walk

Been walking. Yes SAH! Went an hour out to the "bullet building" in the city and back. I call it that because it looks like, er, well, a big ol' bullet. Yeah, that's it!

I've been thinking about how Jared lost 245 pounds in less than a year eating Subway subs everyday and walking. I'm thinking, "I like subs, I can walk." And there's a Subway about a mile, if that, from my house. So, I'm thinking these things, but mostly I'm thinking that I need to MODERATE by walking consistently. So my plan is to walk for an hour every day that I can and I know the weight will start to fall off, right? I need to do this not only for my health, but to practice the much needed moderation. I've chosen an hour because I have time to do that, it is a good amount of exercise, and it is not dependent on accomplishing a certain distance in a certain time in order to "succeed." If I went with the more competitive model of speed walking a certain distance for time, then I would be more likely to shift into ALL mode in order to accomplish it, and NOTHING mode whenever I failed to accomplish it.

So, anyway, I'm walking and I pass the bullet building in less than 30 minutes so I go around it further into the city, until, and I believe this to be nothing less than divine providence, I spot a Subway that I didn't know about right there in the city! Right now, they are only able to take cash, and I didn't have any on me, so I will just have to go back! Coolie. (My wife hates that word)

This was also my first walk with my High Sierra 2-liter hydration pack which worked admirably well, and I couldn't even feel the extra 5 pounds. This will allow me to bring home subs for the whole family should the opportunity arise. It needs a longer drinking tube and a high-flow bite valve, though what it has is sufficient. That would just make it more deluxe. It was awesome! I went for a walk in the heat of the day for an hour, and had to pee when I got home. Now that's hydration!

Oh yeah, gotta get to my LIST. Gotta keep moderating.
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