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Geek at the cool table, cool at the geek table.

Oy, enough vid de valking already!

Day two: Walked my hour this morning and went back into the city. I followed Allie's suggestion and went into the west end.

I hope I can talk my sister into walking there with me, and bringing a camera like we are tourists! So, I found some really cool little restaurants, some with outdoor cafe-style seating, and came home talking about it. When lunchtime came, we loaded up, parked kind of at the edge of the city, and walked in with J in the stroller. It was nice. We ate at "The Filling Station" and decided it was our new favorite restaurant! For lunch anyway, the dinner menu is pretty expensive. We walked around a little bit after eating (I stuffed myself in a not-so-moderate way!) then headed back to the van. It had gotten a lot hotter so it was less pleasant. However, we made it without too much complaining, though it seemed E was sighing and telling us how tired he was every other step. That probably put me at 1.5 hours of walking today though, easily. So, when we got home, I showered and Allie and I napped while the boys played on the computers. Aaaahhhhh! Felt like a good, old-fashioned Sunday nap!

I didn't expect this to be easy, but this is really kicking my rear end right now. My legs are sore, and I seem pretty much wasted for the day after my walk. I told Allie that I know that is temporary so I am just going to moderate right on through it. At least I'm sleeping well! I look forward to a time, say, in October, when it will be cool enough we can all walk comfortably downtown for a nice lunch, then walk back. Right now, I'm the only one that could make that walk (And Josh, since he rides in the stroller!) I hope by then we will all be doing better.
Tags: exercise, moderation, weight

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