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I spent a few hours yesterday reinforcing the fence around our back yard because Jake-dini (one of our two golden retrievers) keeps weaseling his way out underneath it. If you saw the spaces he is getting out of, and his size, it is... disconcerting. I doubt we've seen his last escape, but each time I work back there, progress is made. Eventually it will be a dog Alcatraz. But if he learns to use tools, I'm gonna lose.

Today I am sore from sitting on a little stool the whole time as I worked my way along the fence. Don't ask. Allie's been good about bringing me coffee and Alleve, so I'll be fine. With a nap.

My parents are coming up tonight so we can see Josh in the K-2 "Fall Celebration" (generic non-T-giving, politically correct program, yay) that is going to be musical. These things are in the evening so you can't schedule a dentist appointment at the same time. Yes, I would.

It isn't supposed to get into the 60's around here till Thursday. Must be Fall. Mlech. I'm more of a Spring fan, but I like Fall better than bitter cold or smothering hot. Rain doesn't bother me much. In fact, a few days of dismal dreariness in a row are a nice break to me. The times (in the past) that my job has required me to be out in the rain it didn't bother me. At times, I even enjoyed it. But cold=misery. I've experienced waaay too much of that!

I want to say more about the melee that has been post-election LJ, but I won't, right now. NO, I will. If you hate all Republicans, or all Democrats, or all pro-choicers/lifers, etc., how are you any different than a racist? You just can't hate a whole group of people for a blanket reason and be a rational human, people! There are Reps who support all the different things that Dems stand for, and vice-versa. Every person is different and individual. This is obvious to the rational people on my friends list, I know. But there are a lot of people on LJ and the 'net in general who aren't gettin' it.

"Can't we all just get along?" (-stellar citizen Rodney King, ha!)

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