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Last political rant of the season. Promise.

I find this to be interesting. I have heard several prominent politicians (mostly Democrats, of course) say that Bush did not win with a "mandate" from the people. They maintain he barely won and that he will need to become more moderate to heal wounds and all that crap they are blabbing because they lost.

I don't support everything Bush does by a long shot. I'm not a big pro-Bush fanatic. I am not a Republican or a Democrat. What bothers me about all this is that Bush actually won by about 3.5 million popular votes, right? To illustrate further, look at these two maps, which show by county who won.

This map is for 2000 with Bush in red and Gore in blue.

This map is for 2004 with Bush in red and Kerry in blue.

Another thing about the "mandate"; if Kerry would have won by the same amount of popular votes, and deposed Bush, I feel certain the Democrats would have called it a mandate from the people. To hear what came out of the press, one would have thought the whole country was unhappy with Bush, and couldn't wait for the change Kerry offered. Apparently a lot of people (or Democrats, at least) believe what they hear from the press and think it will become true, hence the crying (Real tears! Over politics!) on election night, and the rants and whining I've seen numerous times since. It must be disheartening for people who are hardcore Democrats to see these maps, because the reality is, the majority of people in this country obviously felt that Bush would do a better job than either Gore or Kerry. These people include road workers, shopkeepers, lawyers, soccer moms, sanitation workers, doctors, professors, businessmen/women, and people from all walks of life. So, it is offensive to me to hear people complain about the "stupid people" who voted this way or that.

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