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Last political rant of the season. Promise. - The Rancho Commons — LiveJournal
Note to self: no whining, no slacking
Last political rant of the season. Promise.
I find this to be interesting. I have heard several prominent politicians (mostly Democrats, of course) say that Bush did not win with a "mandate" from the people. They maintain he barely won and that he will need to become more moderate to heal wounds and all that crap they are blabbing because they lost.

I don't support everything Bush does by a long shot. I'm not a big pro-Bush fanatic. I am not a Republican or a Democrat. What bothers me about all this is that Bush actually won by about 3.5 million popular votes, right? To illustrate further, look at these two maps, which show by county who won.

This map is for 2000 with Bush in red and Gore in blue.

This map is for 2004 with Bush in red and Kerry in blue.

Another thing about the "mandate"; if Kerry would have won by the same amount of popular votes, and deposed Bush, I feel certain the Democrats would have called it a mandate from the people. To hear what came out of the press, one would have thought the whole country was unhappy with Bush, and couldn't wait for the change Kerry offered. Apparently a lot of people (or Democrats, at least) believe what they hear from the press and think it will become true, hence the crying (Real tears! Over politics!) on election night, and the rants and whining I've seen numerous times since. It must be disheartening for people who are hardcore Democrats to see these maps, because the reality is, the majority of people in this country obviously felt that Bush would do a better job than either Gore or Kerry. These people include road workers, shopkeepers, lawyers, soccer moms, sanitation workers, doctors, professors, businessmen/women, and people from all walks of life. So, it is offensive to me to hear people complain about the "stupid people" who voted this way or that.
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aspiring2live From: aspiring2live Date: November 11th, 2004 08:09 am (UTC) (Link)
Hello Gary. I don't believe I know you, and I'm surprised you found your way to my journal, and so quickly after this post, too. However, I will respond to you.

Obviously, people do live in the red areas, even according to the cartograms at the site you referenced, there was still more red surface area than blue, after accounting for populations.

I can't say I really care who won but I do care about your ideas of what constitutes a mandate.

Okay, so let's be honest, as long as we are talking, okay? To quote from your journal...

Somehow we got shafted and if Kerry concedes without getting to the bottom of it I will never vote for another democrat for president again.

So, you do care who won, and it obviously wasn't who you wanted.

If you own 51% of a company and I own 48% of a company that is not a mandate that is a power struggle.

I won't argue the mandate thing with you. I was basically trying to illustrate that Kerry supporters would have called it a mandate had the votes been precisely reversed, which is only my opinion. I consider it a mandate that Bush was re-elected, personally, but I'll concede that Democrats obviously won't feel that way. Also, 51 and 48 is close enough to deny that it was a mandate.

Not to mention this broad mandate on the country doesn't count the millions of people that didn't or couldn't vote which of course are far more likely to be "blue" than "red"

Say what? Didn't vote, as in, they CHOSE not to, so they showed their lack of concern and became a zero factor in this election. They are totally irrelevant. Couldn't vote? Why because they didn't register? Or were felons? Or worked then entire time the polls were open and their employer wouldn't let them off and they didn't vote early or use an absentee ballot? And I don't agree that "of course" all the voters who didn't, for whatever reason, make it a point to go to the polls would have been "blue" Kerry supporters. Speculation, opinion; not exactly what I would expect from a stranger who called me out in my own journal because he felt I was misguided in my opinion.

Just California and NY together makes up the economic power and populous of the rest of the country. And maybe I am feeble minded but if I hire a lawyer I want a lawyer from LA or NY not from Kansas, if I require heart surgery I am looking for a Boston or a San Franciscan Doctor, and finally if I ever get convicted of witchcraft I would rather be tried in Pennsylvania then in Louisiana.

I'm not even sure what that first sentence means; "populous"? There are top-notch doctors present in every state, I'm betting. While I hesitate to even acknowledge that there is such a thing as a top-notch attorney, certainly some of the prosecutors in every state would qualify. Oh, and a quick Google search gave me these snippets... "Voodoo is still very present in the Caraibes, Louisiana and South America..." and "The Religious Order of Witchcraft was incorporated in 1972 in New Orleans, Louisiana." So, you may want to reconsider that last statement.

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aspiring2live From: aspiring2live Date: November 11th, 2004 05:35 pm (UTC) (Link)
You and I are brothers when it comes to conspiracies, etc. I have said frequently that any computer can be hacked, as is obvious by the difficulty our government has keeping its own websites secure.

Like something you said in your journal, I don't believe votes count anymore. Though our views are vastly different, I believe our views are similar in that respect. To me, however, Republicans and Democrats are nearly equal in their villainy. Though the Reps are more in line with my conservative views verbally, their actions are not consistent with their language. This, to me, constitutes deception, which I believe both parties engage in on a massive scale. Name calling, "spinning" in an attempt to villify the opposition, and propoganda (your word, which I frequently use myself) are the norm in a political environment where there are very few "good guys" left anymore.

Regarding the four more years of Bush buffoonery. I imagine you, I, or anyone in the public eye as much as President Bush would be subject to quite a reel of bloopers. You can't be prepared for every question, all the time, after all. I remember the same type of "look at the idiot" clips abounded during Clinton's presidency. And, of course, there was an extensive library of clips on "I invented the Internet" Gore long before his presidential bid.

Thanks for commenting and complimenting when you didn't have to. It was nice exchanging thoughts with you as well.
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aspiring2live From: aspiring2live Date: November 21st, 2004 06:12 am (UTC) (Link)
"I remember the same type of 'look at the idiot' clips abounded during Clinton's presidency."

I in no way mean to be rude but are you comparing the intellect of Bill Clinton and George W. Bush?

No, I am saying I remember the same type of "look at the idiot" clips abounded during Clinton's presidency. I don't personally know the extent, or lack of either man's intellect.

The point of my reply was this sentence: " I imagine you, I, or anyone in the public eye as much as President Bush would be subject to quite a reel of bloopers."

I agree, Bush should have understood "Tribal Sovereignty" and been able to define it. I think I could have done better, but under the circumstances, and with all the pressure, I don't really know if I would have or not.

Clinton was author of this great statement during his deposition: "It depends on what your definition of 'is' is." Smart? Arguably the most powerful man on earth (at the time) allows himself to engage in sexual acts with an intern in the Oval office, leaving DNA evidence on her dress, then tries to deny it when she goes public? Hmmmm.

Personally, I don't care as much about someone's intellect as I do about their integrity. And while we can argue all day about how much integrity or intelligence we think Bush or Clinton has or doesn't have, the probable fact is that neither of us really knows.

I think Clinton was an utterly despicable human and you probably feel that way about Bush. I guess we won't be eating dinner at each other's house, then. Life goes on, eh? Cheers!
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