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Hello, hello, hello, how low?

Last night was a bad night to be Hispanic. Late in the shift we got a bunch of trauma codes in the ED (Emergency Dept.), four of which were Hispanic stabbing victims. We heard they were all stabbed by the same guy, to which my boss responded, "Who stands in line to get stabbed?"

Big knife, abdominal wounds, there could be... trouble. We got three of them in our unit, which is to say, they were fubar'ed (clean edit). One of them had a demon tattoo on his abdomen, which will never be the same, heh; Christ on his shoulder, and a dragon on the side of his head! Needless to say, his lifelong hair style is the side-shaved mullet. He also had two small tears tattooed under his left eye which can signify that he has killed twice, or that two of his family members died while he was imprisoned. Either way, it pretty clearly designates that he has served time.

They are all tattooed and in their 30's except for one who is 41. Not like 16 year old gang members, you know? Here in this area, this is so strange to see. We aren't a big city like Detroit or something. I'm always surprised and saddened to see "thugs" come in with knife or gunshot wounds. It is happening more and more often, it seems.

Say what you want, but the world is changing for the worse, and humans, generally speaking, are not getting better. This is as complete as this thought wants to be right now. I need sleep before another night in the 5B. Maybe I'll revisit this and complete this thought at another time. Maybe I'll acknowledge and move on, dude.

Maybe I'll just turn up the tunes, take some deep breaths, and remind myself that it is always better in my home, in our cocoon of safety. Yeah. Now if time would only stand still. Maybe forever.

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