Geek at the cool table, cool at the geek table. (aspiring2live) wrote,
Geek at the cool table, cool at the geek table.

Day 3

Yep, another hour logged walking.

This is starting to look like moderation, though the real test of that will be one day when it is pouring rain and I have had a really bad night at work after not getting enough sleep. Obviously, I probably won't walk that day. But, when the next day comes that I can walk, and I do, that will be moderation.

Today I went to the historic district. Yep, it is only 15 minutes walking time from my house to the split rail fences of Old Salem. Coolie. More on this later.

I feel better today, not so whupped from the walk. Things are looking up! (he hopes)
Tags: exercise, moderation
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