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The new car. Pics, tears of joy, excessive gushing. Come laugh with me like a child!

First, the bidness end. (With partial view of the rancho in background.) We are actively seeking just the right plate to put in this front plate holder. (NC doesn't require a second license plate in the front.)



The color is sagebrush green, I think. It is dark grey in some light. It changes.

I blurred the plate on this one because that's what people do. I don't get it, but I guess someone can use that info for "bad things."

The interior is grey, charcoal, and black. It is beautiful! Leather cover on wheel is stock item.


Leather accents on the door to coordinate with the leather seats. Oooo aaaa.

I'm not a fan of leather seats, because I've never seen them that they didn't crack with age. Allegedly, one can "condition" them to prevent this, but I fear these may already be on the way.

The guys' view with rear climate control and power outlet.

What the guys will really be looking at! We splurged and had this Panasonic DVD player installed overhead. It also has a slot for SD chips, which our digital camera uses for memory, so you can view a slide show. And it plays CDs and mp3 disks as well as DVDs.

Screen down. Wireless headphones are included so they can listen to the movie or other music while we listen to the radio/cd/tape player. Or, you can tune the car stereo so it plays the sound from the DVD player on the car speakers.

Spacious cargo area with an additional fold up seat (currently not open) for "emergencies." It is cramped, but can seat an additional three people if need be. I wouldn't want to sit back there for long though. Note the super heavy duty mats we put in all our vehicles awaiting proper placement after the detailing.

Sorry to go on so, but we have driven clunkers and waited for this car for a long time. We are very happy to have undertaken this nearly unbearable debt finally have a nice, reliable family car that we can count on for years to come.

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