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Second day in Old Salem, Allie "retires", Mortgage refinance

Like I was saying, flowers, hundred year old shade trees, colonial architecture; Old Salem was absolutely gorgeous! What I don't get though, is how they let such a perfect setting be ruined so easily. There were golf carts, delivery trucks, and cars parked and driving everywhere over the cobblestone and brick roads. Maintenance people in non-traditional clothing using power tools to repair a picket fence just doesn't add to the scenery in such a place. And, the whole time I walked around there, there was a weed-eater buzzing in the background. All of this modernization really detracts from the details and obvious efforts to preserve a community long passed. There were fence boards held in place with hand made nails in front of a building where you could hear the LOUD air conditioner unit roaring.

Okay, so it's no Williamsburg but it is still worth a visit. In fact, the next time I walk I will probably go there again. It was overall very beautiful.

Today, was the first day I haven't felt like my physical activity was over for the day after getting back from my morning walk. In fact, I feel as if I could go again! I am surprised I am feeling this much better after my third day, though I'm glad for it. My first walk nearly wiped me out. Still need a nap though! ;-)

This is Allie's last night to work as a nurse. Maybe even forever, but at least for awhile. I told her to call in sick, haha. She is going to stay home and we are going to post eBay auctions to make up for her lost nursing income. It wasn't a whole lot due to her PRN status anyway.

We refinanced our mortgage today and went from 7.5 to 5.5%! Of course, we also went from 26 years left to 30 years left, but it will save us ~$30,000 dollars or so of interest over the 30 years. And our payments are about $130 a month lower or so when we resume paying in September.
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