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258.  Never dreamed I could reach the 250s in less than several months.  16.5 pounds down.  Day 11.  If no one knew I was doing this, I would have quit last night.  So. Hungry.  It's been worse lately than it was in the first few days.  But, I know my sons are watching.  Sure, they'd be understanding if I did quit, but I wouldn't stand quite as tall.  My word wouldn't be quite as strong.  I can do anything for 4.5 more days.  Work calls, veg on.

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262.  Weight loss has slowed, as expected.  Still, 12.5lbs from initial weight on the morning of the 23rd (7 days ago.)  Nothing but juice so far.  Hungry more the last 2-3 days.  Blood pressure yesterday was 111/65.  Blood sugars are staying within decent boundaries.  My highest since starting this was 168.  I'm currently taking 20 units of Lantis per night and it seems to be keeping my blood sugar where it needs to be.  As I lose more weight, I expect I won't even need that.
Weight loss

Yet I lose

266 this morning, as posted.  Got up for tonight's work shift, 263.5.  I have lost 11 pounds since Thursday morning.  I think we can safely say that I'm beyond losing water weight from here on out. 

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268.  Now 2 full days under my fasting belt.  It hasn't been too bad, either.  I feel empty, but I haven't had severe hunger pangs.  I've been able to spread my juices out just far enough apart that I am due for another just when I really start to feel hungry.  Lots of water in between helps.

6.5 pounds in 2 days.  I've held off on exercise because I'm lazy and because I wanted to make sure not to overwhelm my body with exercise and fasting all at the same time.  After my work weekend the next two nights, I plan to start walking daily.

Work offers some challenges.  Obviously, I won't be able to "hide" the fact that I'm fasting even if I wanted to.  But, I'm going to be sitting, for 12 hours, and this makes for some planning before hand.  How do I take enough juice to last the shift, how much is enough?  When do I juice so that I have enough for work and home both.  Actually, this is probably easier than it sounds.  I'm juicing 4 times a day, so I just need to divide it right so I'm not starving at work or when I go to sleep. 

Day three commences. 
I love food

New Leaf

271.5 this morning.  After 24 hours of juice fasting and not eating any solid food, I dropped 3 pounds.  Water weight, I know, because I got up to pee about every 2 hours all night.  However, It's the beginning of something much bigger. 

I watched a documentary on Netflix called Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. I thought about it a bit, got Allie to watch it because she is my voice of reason in many things, then went shopping for a juicer.  I ended up getting the exact model they use in the movie. I've set an initial goal of 15 days for my fast. The guy in the film did 60. I might extend it that long if I feel good, am getting healthier, and am losing a lot of weight. If it is difficult and I'm hungry, weak, or miserable all the time, I can suffer for 15 days to get some results. I'm not committing to more yet.

I expect that I will drop at least 15 to 20 pounds during my 15 days. If it's more, beauty. My long term goal is to weigh approximately 100 pounds less than I do now. The guy in the video looked about like me when he started and he lost 84 pounds during his 60 day fast. And, he's kept it off. So will I.

Check, check. Check out my melody.

274. Just sayin'. Back on track post med manipulation mistake (MMM?). Now, walking. Yes. Oh, and I love oatmeal. No, I mean, I can eat whole oats dry right out of the box even. And I eat the non-cut, whole oats, little banana, little Splenda. It's not even like I'm choosing to eat healthy when I eat that. Still, it's hard to pass on blueberry or brown sugar cinnamon Pop-Tarts when I see them in the cabinet. Of course they're ALL carbs and 400 calories for a single pack of two! Death in a pouch there, mate.

How old will I be when I finally know myself?

It's been a week of self-discovery, health-wise.  I got all excited about how proper diet and exercise were going to get me off my meds, and in so doing, I jumped the gun a bit.

My blood pressures got low enough I was getting a rush every time I stood up, so I cut my med in half, taking it only at night and not in the morning.  My BPs were still pretty low, so I thought it was quite safe to cut it again down to, off.  Well, it's a combo pill that has lisinopril (for BP) and HCTZ (long name,  unneccessary, look it up).  The HCTZ is a mild diuretic, which is a fancy word that means it makes you pee more to keep you from retaining extra fluid. 

I was fine for about 5 days pressure-wise, but I kept hording fluid like a desert cactus.  My legs looked like Gumby's.  So, around day 6-ish, I decided I needed to take the med again, if only for the fluid out-peeing.  This was an unusual bit of wisdom and foresight.  Over the next two days I felt pretty crappy, and the second of those two days I started having headaches that could register on the Richter scale, If I had one.  Checked my BP.  Yep, not too high at 141/85, but WAY higher than I had been running at 120s/70s.  Now, I'm in my 3rd day of being back on both doses and my legs don't look like skin colored bell bottoms anymore. 

Full Disclosure paragraph:  My weight went from a low of 273.5 to 281.5 during that time, and is now at 278.5.  Yes, I can eat healthier foods, exercise (a little bit) and GAIN weight.  I should be embraced and funded as the newest, best form of renewable energy.  I can conserve energy better than a sloth farm, if there are any of those, which I doubt.

And, here's where I admit that what I'm NOT doing is walking like I should.  I have a partial excuse that I just wasn't feeling like it as I sponged up all the excess water in my community, but then, "not feeling like it" has been expunged from my excuse play book.  It's now only in my Reasons to Change resource fanny pack (insert mental image here of a big guy with a fanny pack).  I'm "not feeling like" I want to be this big and this unhealthy any more.