I've been walking about 20 minutes every day except my work days (weekends, 2 days one week, 3 the next).  As a result, I haven't lost much weight to speak of, but my medication needs are apparently changing.  I was taking my blood pressure med twice a day, but my pressure was getting so low I was feeling light-headed when I stood up, so I went to once a day.  My pressures were still very low (roughtly ranging from 100/67 to 124/74,  for example) so I've been OFF of it for a couple of days now.  I'm going to check it for the next few days to see if it starts creeping back up.

I've been on insulin shots before meals to control my blood sugar and I'm currently running a test on that as well.  I didn't take insulin before my last meal and I will check my blood sugar in a few minutes (about 2-2.5 hours after the meal) to see how close it is to normal (70-110).  If it is under about 130 or 140, then I may be able to stop the insulin and just keep using the oral med (metformin).  These are MAJOR improvements in my quality of life, as you can imagine.  If I can't stop the insulin yet, I'm confident it won't be long until I can. 

I need to be just a little bit more careful about my food choices (mainly, eating a little less) and I need to at least double my exercise regimen.  These are just small tweaks in the scheme of things.  Not easy tweaks, because I want to be lazy, but small.  Gimme a couple of weeks and we'll see where this takes me.

"I only go forward." Michael Caine

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Ages ago, in this place, I mentioned that I felt as if I had a mild version of Bipolar disorder. Smaller ups and downs. One of my best LJ buddies, thunderslug, typed in a response: dysthymia.

That started me Googling and I soon found Cyclothymia which is, you guessed, a milder version of bipolar. I've carried this self-diagnosis for some time, but then came some pretty significant depressive episodes, some therapy, and a trial-and-error clown car full of psychotropics and anti-depressants.

This week I'm at the psych's office for the semi-annual review of how marginally the drugs are working when I mention my self-diagnosis. He tests me, I'm positive for it. Meds are changed to ones more suited for cyclothymia than depression. Some of the meds I've been taking can even exacerbate cyclothymia.

Hope springs eternal.

Still alive. Starting to miss my LJ... A couple of quotes that stuck with me this week.

Everybody’s got something to blame because they don’t want to look inside themselves.

....What do you see when you look inside yourself?

Inside myself? I see everything. I see all. I see the good, bad, the evil… I see the whole thing.

....How much evil is there?

‘s much as you see.

....What do you see?

All of it. (Wide grin, chuckle.) Right down to peaks you haven’t touched yet. To dreams you haven’t dreamed. And worlds you haven’t conquered. The mind is endless. You put me in a dark, solitary cell and, to you, that’s the end. To me, it’s the beginning. It’s a universe in there. There’s a world in there. I’m free.

--Charles Manson


.....I’ll tell you exactly why they’re (the record companies) evil, because I told you that if you listen to our music, and you really do, with a street attitude, you’ll hear a lot of positive messages. That’s news to our record label. As far as they’re concerned, they’re just like the rest of America, they think we’re just evil scrubs, you know? They think we’re just evil bastards but they still put it out.

.....You hear what I’m saying? Like, in other words, I know there’s a good side to ICP. That’s why I can write an Insane Clown Posse album with full karma, release it and go promote it and feel good about it. ‘Cause I know that there’s positivity in our music. But our own record label, just like the rest of America, thinks that we’re just all negative, and we’re responsible for **** like Columbine and things like that, and they still put the records out. They never asked us to define these lyrics. You’d think they would If they really cared. They’d say, “Wait a minute, we’re a giant corporation. Define these lyrics before we put this out.”

--Violent J of the Insane Clown Posse
Ghost Town

Today's lesson is in Personal Finance.

     Based on my recent, continuing experiences I can solidly recommend that you never, ever do business with Bank of America.  Why? The most curious of you must be asking.  Well, it's a Collapse )

If you skipped the prolonged read, suffice to say I have provided ample evidence to discourage most people from wanting to do business with Bank of America.

Dear Logitech,

I've downloaded the latest software, I've done a clean boot as instructed to get my webcam to work (it doesn't), and I've gotten my G5 gaming mouse replaced with a G500, which displays the same symptoms the G5 displayed only the cord is clearly intact on the G500 whereas it was clearly fraying on the G5. My G500 now randomly stops working when using it for several seconds, (sometimes nearly a full minute!) It makes the disconnect/reconnect sound as if it was being unplugged from the USB port and replugged. Yes, I've tried it in numerous different USB ports. Yes, I've uninstalled and reinstalled the software at LEAST a half dozen times with the latest software from your support site.

I've uninstalled everything and reinstalled them one at a time with the most recent software downloads to no avail. In short, I am disgusted with Logitech. And I've been a loyal customer for many years. I currently use a G13 Gaming keypad, A Wave Keyboard, my G500 (until yesterday) and Non-Logitech headphones with mic after having 3 Logitech sets stop functioning in one ear.

I used to consider Logitech to be great value for the dollar and good, quality, computer gear. But, I think I should just be able to plug all this stuff in and it work together, ESPECIALLY being the same brand! I don't want to jump through hoops to make it work, uninstalling and reinstalling software, spending countless minutes "working" on my computer instead of using it.

As of today, I will no longer bother you to try and get this stuff to work. I'll just quietly replace it with another brand as it stops working, starting with this G500, which I have enjoyed immensely when it worked, but have been frustrated with to no end when it cuts out.

If you look at my support history, I think you will agree I've given Logitech the benefit of the doubt.

I will also be posting this letter in my blog to let my readers know that I am doing this; because, after all, Logitech also benefited from all my claims of satisfaction and referrals when I still loved your products so.

"I only go forward." Michael Caine, actor

From the 13th at 2300.

I'm at work. I am working my 4 week notice and preparing to transfer to another nursing job here in the hospital. A job that is away from the bedside. A job that is away from patients and their families.

I am ready for this after 10 years of dealing with some of the most abusive, unappreciative, vulgar scum on earth. Of course, I've also had the opportunity to deal with some amazing and wonderful people as patients and family members. I've had life changing experiences; euphoric, chaotic nights where a patient tried their very best to die and I stood between them and the exit, and crushing, torturous nights that ground my spirit down to the bone.

I've been sincerely thanked, given gifts, and visited later by well patients. I've been spat upon, cursed, struck, and called every name you could imagine as well. I've done chest compressions on a 19 year old girl while her parents held her hands. I've done them on a 70 year old man, while nearly every rib broke from the effort. I've listened as a mother begged her child not to leave her, and as another said, "Father, into Thy hands we commend his spirit."

I've taken everything I could from these experiences away with me, and I've given all that I had.

With a fond glance to my coworkers, I move forward.
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