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The Rancho Commons

Note to self: no whining, no slacking

Geek at the cool table, cool at the geek table.
18 June 1963
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An excerpt from this entry. It is about me and this journal.

I want to know when I leave here I will have worn out my welcome and used up all my potential. I want my sons to see what I've done and feel an excitement and a challenge to do as well, or even better. I want people who have known me to feel the earth pause with my passing, to say that nothing will be the same without me. I want the grave to tremble with the fear of holding so formidable and vibrant a man as I have been.

These are my goals, as I aspire to live.

    Welcome to my journal! It is difficult to write a bio that tells you who I am,
so the best I can hope to do is give you a vague idea through the lists below.
If you enjoy reading my journal, add me and let me know! I am fairly
new here and my friends list is small. I read everyday and frequently
comment IF I feel I have anything worth contributing.

     I am      I am not
 -a joker  -a good bio writer
 -lazier than I want to be  -politically affiliated
 -analytical  -a smoker
 -sometimes too blunt and honest  -a sports addict
 -a loving father  -a cat person
 -conservative  -rabidly dogmatic
 -a talker  -comfortable in my own skin        
 -a patriot  -a workaholic
 -a truth-seeker  -generally happy
 -observant  -a gambler
 -a dedicated husband  -a natural leader
 -a dog person  -confrontational
 -a skeptic  -a Nascar fan
 -mediocre  -like my parents
 -a veteran  -a drinker
 -a believer in conspiracies  -a vegetarian
 -self-appointed comic relief  -an evolutionist
 -a nurse  -a sheep
 -distrustful of authority  -a socialist
 -loyal  -fiscally responsible

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